Data repository

1.  ASEP data repository

2.  Dataset deposit workflow

3.  Agreement and licensing

4.  Linking

5.  Size limit and formats


1. ASEP data repository

The ASEP data repository is an institutional multidisciplinary on-line repository that stores bibliographic records, full texts and datasets of the institutional authors from The Czech Academy of Sciences. The repository is hosted by Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Data that are stored in our database are accessible in the on-line catalogue. Each dataset has its own description and metadata follows international standards.

2. Dataset deposit workflow

All authors of the CAS can deposit their datasets into the ASEP repository. Eventually the process of deposit can be done by other authorized persons – institutional data administrator or individual administrator. The author/depositor uploads the metadata records and datasets via an individual account.

  • The depositor applies for an individual myASEP account by filling in a registration form and wait for confirmation email
  • The depositor logs into his myASEP account, creates a record (metadata), attaches a dataset, chooses a license and save
  • Once he decides to publish data in the on-line catalogue he moves the record to the institutional data administrator´s account for further control
  • After that a persistent identifier (handle) is assigned and the dataset is accessible in the on-line catalogue
  • There are four ways of publishing: open access; open access with embargo; open access for an institute; on request

                     Dataset deposit workflow into the ASEP repository

3. Agreement and licensing

To deposit data into the ASEP repository is allowed only to those employees of the CAS whose institute has signed an agreement with the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The list of institutions that have signed the contract is here.

Datasets deposit agreement in the ASEP data repository is here.

The depositor should verify the following before the data deposit:

  • Do you have all the rights to make the data available?
  • Have you received permission from all other right-holders?
  • Do you have data citations ready?
  • Have you sufficiently anonymised your data, or obtained explicit consent from any data subjects whose identity could be revealed from the data?
  • Are you aware of, and are you comfortable with what rights you are passing on to the repository (The Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences )?

The depositor has two options at the licensing stage. Either can choose a suitable Creative Commons license or if he desires to add a special license that is not currently available, he should contatct

4. Linking

There are various possibilities of linking:

Data records can be saved together with a datasets in the ASEP repository or they can include references to datasets stored in another repository.

Data records can include references to bibliographic records in the ASEP repository.

Bibliographic records can include references to datasets in the ASEP repository as well as datasets stored in another repository.

5. Size limits and formats

Current size limit is 2 GB per file and 20 GB per a single dataset. If the depositor has more than 20 GB which he would like to share online he should contact to discuss his options.

The depositor should ensure his files are labelled as explicitly as possible, to facilitate peers to easily access his data. File(s) should be future-proof and if possible not dependent on proprietary software formats. Here is the list of file formats that the ASEP repository supports and recommends. The depositor is allowed to use other formats, most of them are widely used and it is likely we will be able to preserve them, but cannot guarantee it.